Cleanlet 300

Cleanlet 300

Control panel attached to unit


NZ’s compliant bidet

Trusted by Kiwis since 1998

Cleanlet 300 R

Operate with a remote controller or simply use the side slim key for “wash” and “stop” functions

Side slim key

Wireless control for Cleanlet 300 R

Cleanlet is proud of its over two decades of quality service to New  Zealanders.

Mum’s Secret

My mum loves the hygiene the Cleanlet bidet brings to the whole family.

Mum’s tickled pink when I bring my friends to show them her secret and the great functions of our family bidet. The warm seat, the adjustable wash functions, a warm dryer and much more.
In fact, there are so many things that our Cleanlet does,
Mum has made some videos to show you.
Take a look below

See Mum's secrets below

Cleanlet Bidets

New Zealand’s fully Compliant Bidet

Since we first started supplying Cleanlet Bidets in New Zealand over 20 years ago, we have seen whole families grow up with the convenience and hygiene of the Cleanlet Bidet.

Having a Cleanlet bidet that meets the New Zealand’s backflow regulations built into the bidet itself reduces considerably the cost of installation.

This fact alone allows Cleanlet from Wynn Trading to be a major supplier to government departments, hospitals, rest homes as well as homes around the country.  We also pride ourselves on our comprehensive after sales service.

Cleanlet has a range of products for those with special needs

Don’t just take our word for the quality of Cleanlet Bidets and our service.

Just click here to see some of the testimonials we have received from our satisfied customers.
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