Your Cleanlet Bidet is simple to install

Full instructions are included with the Cleanlet manual making for easy installation
The system for mounting the Cleanlet Bidet allows for various toilet pans so as to achieve a neater, more pleasing installation.
Facts about New Zealand’s plumbing regulations relating to the electronic bidet
The current plumbing regulations relating to electronic bidets allow anyone to sell ‘non compliant’ bidets, yet the installed bidet must comply with the Building Code (MBIE).

Because of this ‘odd’ regulation, there are many non compliant bidets on the market in NZ. Unfortunately, buyer beware is the current situation for the electronic bidet, as none of those non compliant bidets are sold with the approved backflow prevention valve to make them compliant with the Building Code.

The approved valves for the electronic bidets are expensive and unsightly. Thus, often it is not explained fully to customers about the installation requirement and some are unfortunate to find the requirement of the valve only when the plumber is doing the installation.

This is not just a one-off additional cost – some valves also require an annual check by a backflow specialist, which is an ongoing cost.

The picture below is one of the appropriate valves that was recommended by a plumbing merchant for use when installing a non compliant bidet.

An example of an RPZ valve

An example of an RPZ valve

Valves like those shown below are NOT APPROVED for use with electronic bidets under the current plumbing regulations.



The Cleanlet does not require any valves as the

Cleanlet bidet has the backflow prevention built into the unit

This is unique to the Cleanlet.

Currently Cleanlet bidet is the only electronic bidet in New Zealand which does not require an external RPZ type valve to comply with the New Zealand Building Code (because the backflow prevention device in the Cleanlet complies with the plumbing regulations in the Building Code).

We believe the customers should be informed as to the installation requirement whey they purchase.

If you have any questions regarding this RPZ valve or other Bidet requirements please click here to contact us.

Thank you

The Cleanlet Team

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