Why backflow regulations are so important?

And why most plumbers don't want to talk about it or skip around the facts?

Facts  about New Zealand’s tough plumbing regulations.

The New Zealand building code has stringent plumbing regulations for the installation of electronic bidets.

Unfortunately most bidets installed in New Zealand fall short.  Most bidets in New Zealand are imported from South Korea, China or Japan, and are either sold without any backflow prevention, or with a double/dual check-valve that will not comply with New Zealand law.  Because bidets connect with the potable water supply, the law requires that an RPZ type valve be used for non compliant bidets.  This valve offers the highest degree of protection as required for a “high hazard” appliance which an electronic bidet is.

The responsibility for compliance falls to the installer of the bidets, which means that anyone can sell non-complaint bidets without disclosing the additional check-valve requirement – and unfortunately because bidets are relatively uncommon in New Zealand most plumbers are unaware of the requirements.

This is one of the appropriate valve that was recommended by a plumbing merchant

                                                                                                Typical  RPZ VALVE

Valves like the above are NOT APPROVED to be used under current plumbing regulations.

The Cleanlet does not require any of the above valves to

operate the bidet as the backflow prevention is installed within the Unit

The Cleanlet bidet is currently the only bidet in New Zealand which does not require an external RPZ valve to comply with the New Zealand building code (because this valve is built into the bidet)  We believe the general public should be informed as to the Cleanlet bidets compliance to the local regulations.

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